Sunday Times Magazine: Death of the High Street

The Sunday Times Magazine published my new photo-series this weekend.

“What has happened to shopping” is an idea that stems from having seen the closure of department stores and shopping centres close and the demise of the High Street across the UK.

As is the way with this kind of project the reasons “why” changed continually once I started shooting.

The more I saw the more my opinion began to change as to why the retail industry is struggling.

Shopping is primarily about convenience. After you make the decision as to what you need and want, you’ll then make the decision about how you’ll then aquire that thing, and there are now way more convenient ways of getting our stuff then there used to be. That’s not to say it’s the one and only reason!

I guess that this is why I thought would make this project quite interesting.

We can all ask ourselves “what has happened to shopping?”

About Gray Hughes photographer

Gray Hughes grew up in southwest London but has always had strong connections to the USA. He has spent many summers on road trips, visiting family in California. In his early twenties he moved to New York and assisted various fashion photographers before returning to London to shoot editorial sports and lifestyle. He soon graduated into shooting commercially for brands including Coca-Cola, Asics, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Powerade. Gray has always loved film and music – his mother exposed him to Hitchcock at an inappropriately young age. As a young teen he used to record music demos on a four track recorder. Then in 2001 he took a break from photography to pursue a career in music, remixing dance music for four years before returning to his first love, photography. Gray’s personal projects have taken him to cowboy country in Montana, USA as well as Rio de Janeiro and more recently, around the grassroots rugby clubs of Britain. His film, ‘Heartland’ was a finalist in the 2015 AOP awards, with the accompanying photographs featured in the Sunday Times Magazine. He directed his first commercial for Glamorgan Brewing Company in 2015 and then subsequently joined Ridley Scott Associates where he was added to the photgraphy and moving image roster, he is on an indenpendent arrangement while he grows his show-reel so is free to collaborate with other production companies. So far this year he has directed films for Reebok and Standard Life and has shot a global advertising campaign for Vodafone.

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